Harmony Residence is home to 48 adults. Harmony Residence is the only assisted living community in Colorado dedicated to addressing the care needs and social issues unique to adults ages 20-65 whose disabilities prevent independent living. In addition to the standard services and amenities of Marycrest Assisted Living, Harmony offers:

Health Maintenance Program – Residents receive medication management, regular health screenings, referrals and assistance with medical appointments. Included in the health program are physical fitness activities (such as tai-chi classes) and access to workout facilities helps to ensure residents stay active and fit. Our visiting physicians improve access to health care, and encourage residents to actively participate in their personal wellness.

Education Program – Residents participate in weekly discussion groups (the Current Events Discussion Group is very popular). Other valued programs are art and music classes. A Speaker Series brings in specialists once a month to talk about a variety of subjects; one recent example was an animal behavior specialist from the Denver Zoo.

Social Programs – Encouraging residents to spend as little time as possible in their private apartments is critical to maintaining physical and mental health. Marycrest Assisted Living offers a morning coffee club, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, evening gatherings with music and dancing, and regular outings to take advantage of Denver’s cultural attractions.

Resident Council – Three Harmony residents are elected each year to run monthly resident meetings, to engage residents in self-governance and represent residents’ interests as an advisory board to Harmony staff.